Top-10-Casinos-16Top ten casino games 1-Blackjack: Also commonly known as 21, this game is simple bit still SO much fun! The point is to score a hand as close o 21 as possible, while still beating the dealer’s hand and not going “bust” (going over 21) this game is a classic!

Top ten casino games 2-Craps: This can be played outdoors against a stair or wall, more preferably in a casino. Often a very loud and rambunctious bunch is who you will find gathered around a craps table in a land based casino…but online you can play in privacy!

Top ten casino games 3-Slots: The one armed bandit. Slots are the casino game that requires absolutely no previous gambling experience whatsoever. All you do is place your bet, pull the lever and see where your luck takes you! It’s always fun to play when you have online pokies no deposit bonus choices. As you start to play online pokies and enjoy, keep in mind that you just might win even more if you get to the bonus rounds. And you’ll have a blast with their creative games and fun choices.

Top ten casino games 4-Progressive Slots: Progressive slots are very similar but with one major difference: the jackpot on any of the linked machines is one that keeps growing as more machines are played! Each machine in the chain contributes a little to the communal jackpot.

Top ten casino games 5-Roulette: Roulette is the classiest of casino games. The green felt table and spinning wheel make any player feel like they are in a James Bond film!

Top ten casino games 6-Poker: Each player is dealt 5 cards, each player then bets. Each player selects the number of cards to trade, and betting repeats. The player with the highest ranking hand wins! What could be simpler?

Top ten casino games 7-Video Poker: Video Poker and poker are similar, except with video poker you play against a machine not a dealer, and you play alone.

Top ten casino games 8-Keno: Keno is a Chinese game, played by the ancient people of that mystical land. It’s essentially a lottery, and there is no way to predict the games outcome.

Top ten casino games 9-Sic Bo: The name ‘Sic Bo’ means dice pair or dice bowl. This ancient game was originally played by shaking three dice under a small bowl on a plate; the bowl was then whisked away to reveal the results!

Top ten casino games 10-Baccarat: The last game on our top ten casino games list is the French game, Baccarat. The point of this suave and sophisticated game is to bet on your prediction that the Player’s hand will win or that the Banker’s hand will win, or that they’ll tie.

The Calgary land-based casinos are all regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Players can play with confidence knowing that all of the games at the casino are regulated and fair. Calgary is also the home of some of the biggest jackpot winners in history.